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Are you interested in living in the countryside? I live in the countryside and I love it. I can enjoy the fresh air and the peace of the countryside. I can live in a big house with a big garden. I do not have to worry about traffic jam or pollution. I do not have to worry about the bad things that often happen in the city. I love the countryside.


#23 Countryside Quíz

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Question 1
Does the speaker enjoy living in the countryside?
Yes, he does
No, he doesn’t
Question 2
What does he love about countryside?
Fresh vegetables
The peace
Traffic jam
Question 3
What is something that is difficult to do in the city?
Living in the big house with big garden
Worrying about pollution
Getting stuck in traffic
Question 4
According to the speaker, which statement is NOT TRUE?
The countryside is great
He can enjoy fresh air and peace in the countryside
Bad things never happen in the city
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