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Are you a lucky person? Well, I think I am a lucky person. I am lucky because my parents love me very much. I am lucky because my friends care about me. I am lucky because I can go to school and learn new things every day. There are a lot of people in the world who are not lucky. They do not have enough food to eat every day. They cannot go to school because of wars and poverty. I wish everyone were as lucky as I am. 

I have a nice cell phone. My cell phone is very __________(1). I bought my phone 2 __________(2) ago. I can do a lot of things on my phone. I can __________(3) to music and play games on my phone. I can read __________(4) on my phone, too. Sometimes, I talk to my __________(5) on the phone. I use my cell phone when I have free time. I do not use cell phone when I am in __________(6). My teacher will not be happy if I use cell phone in class. My dad tells me  that if I do __________(7) in school, he will buy me a new phone next summer.

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