Short talks #10 Appearance

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William is a good-looking man. He is very tall. He has dark brown hair. His eyes are blue. He looks like a fashion model. Some people say he looks like an actor. He often wears T-shirts and jeans. When he has an important meeting, he wears a suit and tie. He looks really good in a suit. He always keeps himself clean and neat. He wants to make good impressions when he meets people. 

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William là một người đàn ông điển trai. Anh ấy rất cao. Anh ấy có mái tóc nâu đen. Mắt anh ấy có màu xanh. Anh ấy trông như một người mẫu thời trang. Nhiều người nói anh ấy trông giống một diễn viên. Anh ấy thường mặc áo thun và quần jean. Khi anh ấy có những cuộc họp quan trọng, anh ấy mặc vest và cà vạt. Anh ấy trông rất đẹp khi mặc vest. Anh ấy luôn giữ cho mình sạch sẽ và gọn gàng. Anh ấy muốn tạo ấn tượng tốt khi gặp mọi người

#10 Appearance

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Question 1
Which is true about William?
He’s tall with blue hair
He’s a fashion model
He has blue eyes
Question 2
What does he often wear?
Shirts and jeans
Jeans and suits
Question 3
He wears a suit and a tie when …. ?
He goes outside
He wants to impress women
None of the above
Question 4
Which is NOT true about William?
He’s clean and neat
He’s an actor
He looks good in a suit
Question 5
When he meets people, he wants to ….. ?
Start an important meeting
Wear a suit
Impress them
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There are 5 questions to complete.

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