Learn with songs #19 She

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 She hangs out every day near by the beach
Having a Heineken falling asleep
She looks so sexy when she’s walking to sand
Nobody ever put a ring on her hand 
Swim to the oceanshore fishing the sea
She is the story, the story is she
She sings to the moon and the stars in the sky
Shining from high above you shouldn’t ask why 
She is the one that you’ll never forget
She is the heaven sent angel you met
Oh she must be the reason why god made a girl
She is so pretty all over the world 
She puts the rythm, the beat in the drum
She comes in the morning, in the evening she’s gone
Every little hour, every second you live
Trust in eternity, that’s what she gives 
She looks like Marilyn, walks like Susanne
She talks like Monica and Mary-Ann
She wins in everything that she might do
And she will respect you, forever just you 

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1. Hang out: bằng nghĩa với “go out”, mang nghĩa “đi chơi, hẹn hò”.

2. Falling asleep: ngủ thiếp đi

3. Nobody ever put a ring on her hand: “ring” ở đây mang nghĩa “chiếc nhẫn”. Chưa ai từng đặt nhẫn vào ngón tay cô ấy, cô ấy chưa từng kết hôn.

4. Ocean shore: bờ biển

5. Heaven-sent angel: “heaven” mang nghĩa “thiên đường”. Cụm từ này mang nghĩa “thiên thần được Chúa gửi xuống”.

6. She puts the rhythm, the beat in the drum: Cô ấy mang đến giai điệu cho cuộc sống, những điều vui tươi cho cuộc đời.

7. Trust in eternity: “eternity” là danh từ của “eternal” mang nghĩa trường tồn, mãi mãi, vĩnh cửu. Niềm tin vào sự vĩnh cửu của tình yêu.


Quote of the Day

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

— Bill Keane