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Hi everyone, welcome to  I hope you’re well today. In this lesson, we’re going to learn some useful ways to tell people how you are, or how to answer the question “How are you”.

 1. I’m fine, thanks.

 This is the easiest way to respond to the question “how are you”, it means you’re well and okay. There is no problem to worry about. For example:

  • Hi Kevin, how are you?
  • I’m fine, thanks

 2. Pretty good.

 3. Not bad.

Both “pretty good” and “not bad” mean everything is okay, everything is happening the way it should. For example:

  • Hey buddy, how are you doing?
  • Pretty good

 4. Great!

You say this when you feel really good, full of joy and energy. For example:

  •  Richard, how is it going?
  • Great! I’m going picnic this afternoon.

 5. So-so

Use this when things are OK, not perfect, not great, just okay. For example:

  • Hi Jane. I didn’t see you at the party last night. How are you?
  • So-so, I was just busy last night.

 6. Couldn’t be better! 

 7. Can’t complain.

 These two basically mean you’re happy with everything, you have nothing to complain. For example:

  • Mary, how are you?
  • Couldn’t be better. I got a new job last week.

   8. Same as always. 

This is a short way to tell people you have nothing new to share, everything is the the same as it always is. For example:

  • Good morning, Lucy. How are how?
  • Same as always.

9. Not so great. 

“Not so great” means you are not doing well, there could be some problems and you are not very happy at the moment. For example:

  • Hey bro, how are you doing?
  • Not so great. I lost my wallet yesterday.

10. I think I’m coming down with something

This expression means you are starting to get sick and you’re not feeling well. For example:

  • Ron, how are you?
  • I think I’m coming down with something. I was outside in the sun the whole afternoon.
Great, you have finished the lesson today, I hope you find the lesson useful and don’t forget to listen more on Bye bye.

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ways of saying how you are. ways of answering "how are you".
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