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Hi everyone, welcome to, I hope you are well today. In this lesson, we’re going to learn different cool ways to express your opinions, what you think, what you believe.

1. I  think that … 

The most common way to give opinion is probably “I think that ..”. It directly gives people your  opinion. For example:

  • I think that we should do something to improve the service
  • I think that we need to make a detailed plan.

2. I believe that …

This expression tells people what you believe, or something you think is true

For example:

  • I believe that not many people find this software useful.
  • I believe what we are doing is right.

3. I’m sure that …

“I’m sure that” conveys a strong opinion to people, use this when you are certain of what you’re going to say. For example:

  • I’m sure that he is an American
  • I’m sure that she is the best candidate for this position.

4. In my opinion, …

This is a natural and common way to give people your ideas and thoughts. If you have an idea and you’re not sure if people would agree or disagree, it’s just a personal opinion,  then this expression is the perfect choice.

5. I feel that …

6. It seems to me that ….

7. I guess

These three express your thoughts with a low level of certainty, what you’re about to say is based on your feelings or anticipation, you can’t be sure about it. For example:

  • I feel that nobody seems to care about her presentation
  • It seems to me that young people spend too much time on social networks
  • I guess it is the best way to solve this problem

8. As far as I know, …

These two expressions give a humble opinion, with a low level of certainty as well. It means “with all the knowledge I have about this matter”. For example:

  • As far as I know, people in the Netherlands could speak English quite well.
  • As far as I know, the best city to travel in Asia is Japan.

If you find this lesson helpful, you can save the photo below for later review

Giving opinions in English
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