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Hi everyone, welcome to I hope you are well today. In this lesson, we’re going to learn some awesome ways to show interests during a conversation. It’s important to show your partner that you are listening and having interests in talking to them. And, the following phrases could be used to keep your conversation going.

1. Really? 

This phrase is used to show your surprise and sometimes, doubt. If you find something your partner has just said is surprising, hard to believe, go with “really”. For example:

  • Hey guys, guess what, I saw Taylor Swift on the street last night
  • Really? Where did you see her?

2. That’s interesting.

It’s clear that this phrase gives a remark to the things your partner said. It tells people that what they say is interesting and you are truly listening.

3. That’s awesome!

This is a stronger form of “that’s interesting”. For example:

  • I have a bit of good news. We’re going camping next week.
  • That’s awesome, I love it.

4. Uh-huh.

If you don’t have anything special to say and still want to keep your partner talking, then “uh-huh” is a perfect choice. You can use it repeatedly during the conversation. “Uh-huh” does not mean anything, it just shows people you are listening.

5. Right.

This phrase doesn’t actually show agreement, it is used to motivate your partner to keep talking. It’s a good alternative when “uh-huh is used too much.

6. Wow

7. Incredible!

Both wow and incredible shows your excitement and surprise. It tells people that what they said was new to you or hard to believe.


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Giving good news in English
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