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Hello English learners, I hope you are well today. In this lesson,we’re going to learn some cool ways to respond the “thank you” statement. Normally, when you do someone a favor, that person will thank you in return. The following phrases are often used to reply.

1. You’re welcome. 

This is probably the easiest, most common way to respond to the classic “thank you” note. You can say this to anyone and in almost every situation. For example:

  • Hey, Mark. thank you so much for the dinner
  • You’re welcome, buddy.

2. No problem.

3. No worries. 

“No problem” and “no worries” both mean that people should not think too much about what you did for them, and that you were happy to help. For example:

  • Steve, thank you  for the coffee.
  • No problem

4. Don’t mention it. 

“Mention” means “talk about”, this phrase tells people that what happened was what you wanted to do, and they don’t need to talk about it or think too much about it. For example:

  • Christian, thank you for helping this morning.
  • Don’t mention it. We’re friends, right?

5. My pleasure. 

Say this when you talk to old people or when you are in a formal setting/situation. For example:

  • Thank you for giving the seat.
  • My pleasure

6. Anytime. 

7. It was the least I could do. 

This is a polite answer to show people what you did was a small thing and you should do more to help. For example:

  • Hey Martin, thanks for the ride this morning.
  • It was the least you could do. Call me if you need a ride next time. OK?




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