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Hi everyone, I hope you are well today. In this lesson, I’m going to teach you different ways of thanking someone, something that I believe you do everyday.

1. Thank you

Obviously, this is the most common way to show your appreciation and gratitude.

2. Thanks.

A short version of “thank you”, say this to people you know well, or in informal situations, for example to your friends, co-workers,etc.

3. Thanks a lot.

This expression shows people that you really appreciate what they have done for you.

4. Thank you so much.

It basically means the same thing as “thanks a lot”

5. Thanks a million!

This is an interesting way to emphasize on the importance and significance of the things people did for you.

6. I really appreciate it.

If you are tired of using “thank” over and over again, then this is a good choice to keep people happy about what they did for you. You could also combine with “thank you” to make your message stronger. For example:

  • Hey, buddy, thank you for lending me money. I really appreciate it.

7. I’m really grateful. 

“Grateful” basically means “ thankful”, “I’m really grateful” is a cool alternative to the classic, boring “thank you” you often say.

8. I can’t thank you enough. 

Use this when you think saying “thank you” is not enough, or when someone did something really special for you and no words can express your appreciation.


If you find this lesson helpful, you can save the photo below for later review

Ways of saying thank you. Say thank you
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