Sunday, May 19, 2019

Common expression #2

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Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you’re well today. In this lesson, we’re going to learn some useful ways to ask people how they are.

1. How are you?

You know, this is the most common way to start a conversation. When you make this question, you want to know how people are, maybe they’re fine, they’re feeling great or they’re sick. Sometimes, you just make this question to start a conversation easily. For example:

  • Good morning, Mr. Johnson, how are you?
  • Hello John, how are you?

2. How are you doing? 

This question bears the same meaning as “how are you”. For example:

  • Hi Rob, how are you doing?
  • hi dear, how are you doing?

3. How’s it going?

This question is another informal way to ask how people are. The “it” here could be life in general, or  work or your day. For example:

  • Hi ladies, how’s it going?
  • Hey Anne, how’s it going? I’ve heard you changed your job.

4. How are things? 

When you ask this question, you want to know how things happen to that person, a typical answer should be “ Everything is fine” or “Not very good”.


  • Hey guys, how are things?
  • Hi Robert, how are things?

5. How is life?

This question basically means the same thing as “how are things”. For example:

  • Kevin, I haven’t seen you in ages. How is life?
  • Hey, is that you, Robert? How is life?

6. How have you been?

You make this question to ask how a person has been since the last time you talked.


  • Hey, Mary, long time no see, how have you been?
  • It’s been a while since we last met, Nancy, how have you been?

7. How’s your family?

This question focuses on family, you want to know the well-being of that person’s family. For example:

  • Good morning, Mr. Smith, how is your family?
  • Jack, I saw you yesterday bu did not have time to say hello. How is your family?

8. What’s up?

This is a friendly, informal way to greet someone you know well, the typical answer to this question is “Nothing” or “not much”.(that means you are fine, nothing special happens). For example:

  • Hey guys, what’s up?
  • Hey bros, great to see you again. What’s up?

9. What’s new? 

The same as “what’s up”. If everything is okay, then you can simply reply “not much”.

Great, you have finished the lesson today, I hope you find the lesson useful and don’t forget to listen more on Bye bye.


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Ways to ask how are you. How are you