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Hi everyone, welcome to . I hope you are well today. In this lesson, we are going to learn some cool ways to make suggestions or to give ideas.
1.  What do you think about …. ?
This expression gives out a suggestion and ask for the opinion of the listener. For example:
  • Hey, for the party tonight, what do you think about inviting your teacher?
  • Jenny, what do you think about giving your daddy a new shirt for his birthday?
 2. How about… ?
“How about” is similar to number 1, it suggests an idea and ask for the opinion from listener. For example:
  • Where should we meet tomorrow?
  • How about the coffee shop near your school?
3. Why don’t you… ?
This is a different formula for making suggestions. It uses the negative to emphasize on the idea. For example:
  •  I’ve been trying to call her this morning, I need to tell her we have changed the plan.
  • Why don’t you send her a message on Facebook, she’ll reply when she reads it.
 3. Maybe you should…
This expression gives people a piece of advice with a call for action. For example:
  • I am so stressed right now, there’re so many things to handle.
  • Maybe you should go out for a walk and get a cup of tea. You’ll feel better.
4. I’d recommend …
This phrase directly gives people the action they should do. The verbs after “recommend” should be a gerund, or -ING verb. For example:
  • We are looking for a qualified teacher who can work in the evenings.
  • I’d recommend hiring someone from the College of Languages.
5. Have you thought about… ?
This expression gives an idea/suggestion by asking people if they thought about it before. For example:
  • I have to pay too much for lunch every day.
  • Have you thought about getting up early and prepare the food yourself.

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Making suggestions in English
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