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Hi everyone, welcome to I hope you are well today. In this lesson, we are going to learn different ways of greetings, or to say hello and goodbye

1. Good morning

Yes, you say this when you greet someone in the morning, from 1 a.m to 12 p.m (mid-day). For example: 

  • Good morning, how are you?
  • Good morning, it’s a nice day, isn’t it?

2. Good afternoon

You say this between 12 p.m and 6 p.m. For example:

  • Good afternoon, you look really nice today.
  • Good afternoon, are you going to class?

3. Good evening:

This is used after 6 p.m. For example:

  • Good evening, do you want a cup of tea?
  • Good evening, are you going to the party?

4. Hello

This is probably the most common way to greet anyone, any time. For example:

  • Hello, my name is David.
  • Hello, long time no see, how have you been?

5. Hi

This is another way to say hello, it is used when you know the person quite well, or when you want to be friendly.

  • Hi. You’re busy now? Do you want some coffee?
  • Hi, welcome to the party.

6. Hey

This is the same as “hi”. Use it when you talk to friends or people you know well.

  • Hey, want some chocolate?
  • Hey guys, what are you watching?

And now, let’s discover different ways to say goodbye to people.

1. Goodbye

This is what you hear the most in daily life. It is a simple and easy way to indicate the end of the conversation. For example:

  • Hey Rob, I have to go now. Goodbye!
  • I’m sorry, I guess it’s time to go. Goodbye!

2. Bye bye

This is the friendlier version of “goodbye”. It is often used in informal situations. For example:

  • Hey guys, I’ve got something to do now. Bye bye!
  • Julie, remember to call me tonight. Bye bye!

3. Have a nice day

This is a cool way to say “goodbye”, you wish people a nice day.

  • My sister is waiting. I have to leave now. Have a nice day!
  • Oops, the class will start in 5 minutes. I e have to go. Have a nice day!

4. Good night

Say this in the evening (should be after 9 p.m, I think), when you finish your conversation.

  • Good night sweetheart, I’ll see you tomorrow.
  • I will send a text when I get home. Good night!

5. See you

6. See you around

7. See you soon

8. Talk to you later

9. Catch you later

10. So long

From number 5 to number 10, all the expressions mean the same thing, you want to tell the person that you will see him/her again in the future. For example:

  • It’s 5:30 already, I should be leaving now. See you
  • Kevin, thank you for the dinner. See you around!
  • It’s great meeting you today. See you around!

Great, you have finished the lesson today, I hope you find the lesson useful and don’t forget to listen more on Bye bye.


If you find this lesson helpful, you can save the photo below for later review

Ways of saying hello and goodbye
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