In this section, you will listen to some common expressions in different situations.
You will learn how to say things in different ways and to make your English more natural.

#1 Hello & Goodbye

Learn different ways to say hello and goodbye

#2 Ask about life/health

Discover various ways to ask how someone is

#3 Say thank you

Learn cool ways so thank someone

#4 Respond to thank you

Learn awesome ways to respond to thanks

#5 Say yes & no

Find out cool ways to say yes and no

#6 Say sorry

Learn how to apologize someone 

#7 Show interests

Master cool techniques to keep the talks going

#8 Say I don’t know

Learn different ways to say you don’t know

#9 Give opinions

Learn how to take your opinions to the next level

#10 Agree

Find out cool ways to show your agreement

#11 Disagree

Learn effective ways to show your disagreement

#12 Give good news

Learn how to tell people good news

#13 Give bad news

Learn how to make bad news less bad


Discover cool ways to express what you like

#15 Dislikes

Learn different ways to express what you dislike

#16 Make suggestions

Learn cool ways to make suggestions

#17 Indicate long list

Discover interesting ways to tell a long list

#18 Make invitations

Learn cool expressions to make invitations

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