Common Expressions in English


In this section, you will listen to some common expressions in different situations.
You will learn how to say things in different ways and to make your English more natural.

#1 Hello & Goodbye

Learn different ways to say hello and goodbye

#2 Ask about life/health

Discover various ways to ask how someone is

#3 Say thank you

Learn cool ways so thank someone

#4 Respond to thank you

Learn awesome ways to respond to thanks

#5 Say yes & no

Find out cool ways to say yes and no

#6 Say sorry

Learn how to apologize someone 

#7 Show interests

Master cool techniques to keep the talks going

#8 Say I don’t know

Learn different ways to say you don’t know

#9 Give opinions

Learn how to take your opinions to the next level

#10 Agree

Find out cool ways to show your agreement

#11 Disagree

Learn effective ways to show your disagreement

#12 Give good news

Learn how to tell people good news

#13 Give bad news

Learn how to make bad news less bad


Discover cool ways to express what you like

#15 Dislikes

Learn different ways to express what you dislike

#16 Make suggestions

Learn cool ways to make suggestions

#17 Indicate long list

Discover interesting ways to tell a long list

#18 Make invitations

Learn cool expressions to make invitations